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The Salt-Lake Australian Labradoodle is located in the eastern region of Hungary, in Nyíregyháza – Sóstógyógyfürdő. We raise our dogs in our family in the immediate vicinity of the lake and the forest. For years we had been looking for a new family member who is child friendly, doesn’t shed his hair, doesn’t cause allergies, has a good basic nature, until we finally found the Australian Labradoodle breed. We fell in love with this friendly, funny, really special dog, who brings so much joy to everyone and we would like everyone in our country to get to know him.

We found our first dogs after a long search, because we wanted them to be suitable for breeding in all respects, to have excellent genetic traits and temperament, and to meet the requirements rolexdaytonawholesale replica rolex daytona mens m116505 0008 40mm stainless steel black dial of the breed in all respects. This is how Pamacs and Kion came to Hungary for the first time, who provide a great basis for our breeding program.

The well-being of dogs is the most important priority for us, they live with us in small number, our goal is that the puppies grow up in a quiet and loving environment with children. We pay a lot of attention to proper socialization.

The Australian Labradoodles are friendly and intelligent dogs, they love being close to people and are very happy to learn.


Our goal is to have happy, healthy Australian Labradoodle puppies with excellent vape 充電 器 temperament. Our breeding program is based on the careful selection of genetic strength and healthy temperament in order to create a puppy that will be perfect for its family.

Salt Lake Labradoodle puppies come from the best Australian Labradoodle bloodlines in the world. By carefully selecting our breeding stock, they provide an excellent base so that Salt Lake Labradoodle can achieve success in breeding continuously.