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At Salt-Lake, we take our responsibilities as Australian Labradoodle breeders very seriously and we thoroughly examine potential customers before entrusting them with one of our puppies. A dog is a huge responsibility and a very long-term commitment, especially since. Australian Labradoodles usually live to be around 15 years old. Australian Labradoodles are incredibly social and people-centered, so homes where a dog would be left alone all day long are not appropriate. The Australian Labradoodles are very child centric, but it is important to mutually respect each other so for this the parent should teach the child and the dog.

All of our puppies come from health-tested parents with excellent temperament. Our puppies come from the best Australian Labradoodle genus in the world.

We sell our puppies under a contract that legally ensures that your dog is sterilized / neutered at 12 months of age.

The reason is that we attach great importance to maintaining the health of the breed and we do not support “fun litters”.

There is currently no litter available!