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The Salt-Lake Australian Labradoodles of Hungary is a family-run breeding program located in the eastern region of Hungary.

We are specialized in multi-generational miniature and medium-sized Australian Labradoodles.

We are committed to preserving and developing the Australian Labradoodle breed and we are proud to offer beautiful, healthy and balanced puppies to families around the world.

Temperament, health, and physique are top priority to us, and all Labradoodles are subjected to health testing prior to breeding. All our dogs has an outstandingly good temperament and are excellently suitable for small children.

Our goal is to provide the best dogs, so we raise them in our home with our family. We provide them with the best care, lots of love, attention and training to be confident, socialized family dogs. We do everything we can to ensure that our dogs do not lose their hair and should be suitable for both allergic and asthmatic patients.